The Key to Personal Finance? Not Thinking About Personal Finance

There’s nothing like the blissful, stress-free feeling of syllabus week. The full class workload and schedule hasn’t set in - all you have to think about is getting settled into campus and re-connecting with friends.

It can be syllabus week for your personal finance lifestyle all the time. With these tips, you can better manage your time and stop spending so much time stressing over your money. 

1. Set up account alerts 

Most banks allow you to set up alerts for different types of account activity, such as a deposit going in or your balance dropping below a certain level. Just a few notifications will help you keep tabs on what’s going on in your bank account so you can avoid overdrawing your account and getting hit with an overdraft fee.

2. Sign up for automatic payments 

A missed payment on a credit account can negatively impact your credit score and profile. Your credit profile is still fresh, which means a late payment can have a larger impact now more than ever. If possible, set up automatic payments for any recurring payments you expect to have (utilities, phone bill, etc). Those low balance alerts are necessary for automatic payments so that you avoid overdrawing your account with those payments.

3. Divide up your paycheck so you automatically save

Let’s say you get a paycheck for $500. With a hard percentage rule, you can set it up so 10% automatically goes into a savings account. Automating the allocation of deposits reduces the stress of trying to figure out how much to save. Most employers that allow direct deposit also allow for automatic allocation of your paycheck.

If your deposits aren’t as consistent as a paycheck, you can set up monthly transfers from your checking to savings accounts to automate your savings. It’s entirely up to you what percent of your deposits should go into savings but even a small amount of savings in college can go a long way.


You’ve got exams and plenty of Tik Tok videos to watch - make sure you aren’t spending your time stressing over your finances. Automate your budget so that every week can feel just a little bit more like syllabus week.

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